Bio-Up: Farm-scale biomethane production

Producing biogas on farm scale is now more interesting. With Bio-Up, you can upgrade raw biogas from a farm-scale manure digester into biomethane, biogas of natural gas quality. Upgrading raw gas to biomethane with Bio-Up offers several benefits over biogas and fossil based natural gas. Not only is this climate neutral energy source better for the environment, with Bio-Up you will reduce the environmental footprint of the farm and increase to profitability of your business. With Bio-Up, a normal-sized farm has now access to profitable biomethane production: a dairy farmer with 200 cows (or equivalent) is already able to profit from sustainable energy production, depending on your national renewable energy benefits.

Bio-Up has specifically been designed to upgrade biogas to biomethane on small scale. This leads to low investments and results in a positive business case for small scale biogas upgrading
Bio-Up is completely integrated a 40ft container and delivered on site. A fully automated system and remote control means that it is easy to operate.
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With farmer Zwier van de Vegte

Biomethane grid injection

Grid injection at farm De Marke

'Source' of Milk & Biomethane!